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The only form of patient transport during the 70’s in the Abingdon area was the County rescue squad, which was used only for emergencies. In order to fill a community need, Mac and Carol Clifton started Abingdon Ambulance Service, Within 6 months the need became so great they purchased a second and third ambulance. Eventually, we would be providing service to Washington, Smyth, and Russell Counties and the City of Bristol. At this time more training and certification was needed, Mac and Carol worked toward getting a higher level of staff training. Working toward higher training made our company more professional and provided better care to those in need. In 2016 Abingdon Ambulance Service acquired Friendship Ambulance Service, after rebranding as C-Trans Medical Service we began offering ambulance transport to Wise, Lee, and Scott Counties. Making our company the largest ambulance provider in the region. In keeping with Mac and Carol's original insights into providing a higher level of care to our communities, we are proud to offer our Education and Training Division's services to the public as individuals, as well as other organizations and agencies. We look forward to working toward a brighter and more educated future in healthcare in Southwest Virginia!